UNIQUE Paving Materials Corp. is a leader in the asphalt and paving materials industry. Providing high-quality, high-performance road repair products, UNIQUE is always working on research and studies to benefit our customers. UNIQUE manufacturers a wide range of products providing solutions for a variety of problems affecting our customers’ infrastructure. UNIQUE® Asphalt Solutions Products (UPM THE GOOD STUFF® cold mix (seasonal grades available in bulk or bag), SPM™ mix, Emulsions), UNIQUE Pavement Preservation Products (RAVEL CHECK® preservation/rejuvenation liquid, INTEGRA-SEAL® asphalt sealer, Pavegrip® hot mix additive , KOLD-FLO® cold applied crack filler), UNIQUE Concrete Solutions Products (UNIQUE® Anchor Cement, UNIQUE® High Performance Fast Set Mortar (HPFS), UNIQUE® Highway DOT fast setting concrete, UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® XP mortar, UNIQUE FLEXICRETE® 25 concrete, UNIQUE® Overhead & Vertical (OHVR) repair mortar, Water Stop), UNIQUE Tool Solution Products (STIFFWITCH® road brooms and CRACK-N-TACK® portable pump unit).
We also offer advice, analysis of requirements, specification support, product demonstrations, and after-sales service and training. Combined, this represents a total value added solution and “peace of mind”. We call it a “solutions approach”, and we offer it worldwide.