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New Way™ Garbage/Refuse Trucks History & Overview

New Way, a family-owned company, is a highly motivated team of experienced and
talented individuals who have been committed to innovation, quality and customer
satisfaction for over 33 years. New Way refuse trucks represent the best values in the
industry with superior service and support over the life of the product. Combining
economy with safety, performance and durability, New Way is proud to manufacture the
finest equipment for customers around the world.

New Way offers a full line of affordable refuse equipment which includes: front loaders,
rear loaders, satellite bodies, recycling bodies, roll-off systems, side loaders and
automated side loaders in sizes ranging from 6 yd. to 43 yd. The company also offers
factory CNG integration on most models, resulting in quicker turnarounds and lower
costs for customers.

Their small town location in the heartland of America still boasts of unlocked car doors,
moral family values and a hard work ethic passed down through generations. This work
ethic and dedication to the job along with the ability to innovate and willingness to learn,
is demonstrated in the cutting edge, high quality products New Way produces.
CEO John H. McLaughlin has used the philosophy of Henry Ford to surround himself
with people who know their job. “I have instilled my own ethical values, attitudes,
outlook and philosophy in the best team possible… a team of highly qualified, educated
people who respect God and Country and appreciate the lifestyle and values of small
town America.” New Way considers people to be their most valuable asset and
continually invests in training and educational opportunities for their employees.

New Way also remains focused on research, adaptability and customer value to ensure
they have products that serve their customers’ specific needs. "We value you, the
customer, and your satisfaction is our main responsibility. You are our boss and we will
pay close attention to what you say,” said McLaughlin. “We are responsive to your ideas
and will treat you fairly, building you the finest garbage trucks with support and service
that will continue over the life of the product in an ethical and timely manner. We want to
make sure we understand all of your needs and always offer superior quality products at
a fair value.”

Who is New Way?

The Corporate Team:
•John H. McLaughlin, Co-Founder and CEO, University graduate with 50 years of
business and professional experience.
•Michael B. McLaughlin, President, University trained with 20 years of business and
sales experience.
•Tom Vogl, Chief Financial Officer, University graduate, CPA with 15 years of financial
•Jim Ober, Vice President of Operations, University graduate with over 20 years of
engineering and manufacturing experience.
•Phil Allen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with over 35 years of waste industry
•Mike Dryden, Director of Export Sales
•Wayne Grundmeier, National Accounts Sale